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      All Night Long

      All Night Long

      Whitney Houston

      Album: Waiting To Exhale

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      Whitney Houston - All Night Long Música y Letra

      Baby you can call on me 
      Anytime that you feel the need 
      And I'll be there in a hurry 
      Giving you the best of me 
      And baby you know I keep it nice and warm to satisfy 
      Baby you know that I am always hot for you 
      And if there's any kind of love that will exemplify 
      My sweetie I have got that kind of love times two 
      1 - [SWV] 
      Boy I'll do you all night long 
      Do you any way you want 
      I will do you all night long 
      I wanna please you 
      Don't wanna tease you 
      You can melt in my body 
      And I will slowly melt onto you 
      Caress your face in my valley 
      Let me feel the sweetness of you 
      [Coko and Taj] 
      And baby you know I'll keep it special each and every time 
      I never do nothin once and never quite the same 
      And baby you know if there is anything you want from me 
      I will supply so you can have it your way 
      Repeat 1 
      Here's the vibe, there's candlelight 
      As I undress for you baby 
      A sip if wine, we take our time 
      Then I undress you too 
      I look at you, you look at me 
      And then we both embrace 
      And then we just let nature take it's place 
      Repeat 1 to fade

      Whitney Houston - All Night Long Música y Letra



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