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      Sky Away

      Sky Away


      Album: Solo Star

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      Solange - Sky Away Música y Letra

      Sky, Sky Away
      Sky, Sky Away...
      VERSE 1:
      I'm so silly thinking of my life (peaceful with you)
      No one ever made me feel the way (that I do with you with you).
      Still, even so I've got so much to learn (About Love)
      But if what I felt with you is not (Then what was?)
      Whenever I was in your arms (I was filled with joy)
      And no one else could tell me you weren't mine (and I wasn't yours)
      The look upon my face couldn't express (my feelings baby)
      No words could leave my mouth to explain (just Sky away)
      I close my eyes,
      My heart flies,
      My soul lies,
      Another Day, I sky away
      Into the clouds,
      Where sun rises happen all day,
      I sky away.
      VERSE 2:
      Whatever happened to the love we gave? (With me and you)
      When everyone insisted that I love (Wasn't even true)
      We tried so hard to make sure that we proved (We proved 'em wrong)
      But now all that has changed And I am here (While you are gone)
      I miss the days, miles away, on the phone (Wishing you were there)
      And all the wonderful things that you said (Let me know you care)
      I miss the nights we spent, all the moments, (No one can take)
      But most of all, I miss just being with you (SKY AWAY)
      Stars and rainbows light up the way
      All the spoken words that one can say
      Unicorns laugh as we lay
      In the field of the reality
      Hand and hand we walk, as you'll say
      How much you miss me and you care for me
      Baby, I'm praying that someday
      I'll close my eyes and you'll be there to sky away
      With me
      Sky away, Sky...away
      With me
      Sky Away
      Sky Away.....

      Solange - Sky Away Música y Letra



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