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      Night Work

      Night Work

      Scissor Sisters

      Album: Night Work

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      Scissor Sisters - Night Work Música y Letra

      When I was a young boy I pretended I want a job
      My daddy stayed pretty while my momma married into the mob
      I dreamed one day I'd be living off the system for free
      The dream's come true, honey, welcome to my reality
      And I sleep all day and awake myself in the shaddows
      (It's time to get up, gotta get up)
      I gotta catch that train by midnight for the
      Night work, gotta do the night work
      Punch that clock and break all the numbers
      Night work, gotta do the night work
      Weekday nine to five shift is over
      Didn't ever pay to know I couldn't, couldn't check with the blade I used to have the shakes but now they couldn't get in the blade I sleep all day but I break my back in the moonlight
      (It's not enought, it's not enough)
      I gotta cash that cheque by midnight for the
      And when the whistle blows and your body can't take it no more You gotta keep on moving, remember, this is what you asked for N-n-n-n-n-na
      Ooh hoo
      The night work
      N-n-n-n-na, do the night work

      Scissor Sisters - Night Work Música y Letra



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