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      Album: Lizzobangers

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      Lizzo - Bloodlines Música y Letra

      My great-grandmomma ain’t a slave
      My great great great great great grandmother
      Was a maid
      I think that were just made of the same thing
      Keeping it together, got the brave in the membrane
      Ticky, tick tick that keeps you sane
      Are the remnants reminiscing in my brain
      1947 when he caught that train
      And met my momma’s momma in the pouring rain
      Ok, light skinned brother with the hazel eyes
      Cause ain’t nobody messing with VJ
      I got a sense of humor, I theorize
      From everything he sent down my way
      Bloodlines, like cousins like loving
      It’s nothing. Put them down when its tough
      And tie those loose ends to make them meet
      Everything is gravy when your people live down the street
      I see ya, so wait…
      Take this before you escape
      Don’t make the past feel like a mistake (repeat)
      Swirling, black abyss
      Stardust misting, raining down
      Shining like the gems of eternity
      Formulating for me and mine
      Perhaps one day we can mine
      Throwing all those minerals and chemical elements
      Into the pot
      Uh-oh we’re getting hot
      Through some sun on the stove top
      Close the lid, beware of the pop
      Of the splash back
      Add a dash of that acid
      One day we’ll show our kids what we did the Big bang
      Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today
      Witnessing something that we cannot explain
      Dearly departed, we’re gather here today
      Witnessing something that we cannot explain
      [repeat till end]

      Lizzo - Bloodlines Música y Letra



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