Mis Listas de Música
      1. Love Me Like You Do Album Fifty Shades Of Grey

      2. Burn Album Halcyon Days

      3. Figure 8 Album Halcyon

      4. Close To Me

      5. First Time ft. Kygo

      6. Still Falling For You (Live)

      7. How Long Will I Love You Album Halcyon Days

      8. Under the Sheets Album An Introduction To Ellie Goulding

      9. I Need Your Love (Feat. Calvin Harris) Album Halcyon

      10. Life Round Here (Feat. Angel Haze)

      11. Goodness Gracious Album Halcyon Days

      12. Explosions Album Halcyon

      13. Believe Me Album Bright Lights

      14. In My City Album Halcyon Days

      15. Wish I Stayed Album An Introduction To Ellie Goulding

      16. Salt Skin Album Lights

      17. Only You Album Halcyon

      18. Flashlight (ft DJ Fresh) Album Halcyon Days

      19. My Blood Album Halcyon

      20. Figure 8 Album Halcyon Days

      21. I Know You Care Album Halcyon

      22. The Writer (Live Acoustic Version Album The Writer

      23. Ritual Album Halcyon Days

      24. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) Album Run Into the Light

      25. Hanging On (ft Tinie Tempah) Album Halcyon Days

      26. Lights (Single Version) Album Halcyon

      27. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) Album Bright Lights

      28. The Writer Album Lights

      29. Atlantis Album Halcyon Days

      30. Lights (Single Version) Album Lights The Remixes

      31. I Need Your Love (ft Calvin Harris) Album Halcyon Days

      32. Don't Say A Word Album Halcyon

      33. Anything Could Happen Album Anything Could Happen

      34. Halcyon Album Halcyon

      35. Dead In The Water Album Halcyon

      36. Hanging On Album Halcyon Days

      37. Anything Could Happen (Birdy Nam Nam Remix) Album Anything Could Happen

      38. Under Control Album Halcyon Days

      39. I'll Hold My Breath Album Lights

      40. Guns and Horses (Monsieur Adi Rem Album Run Into the Light

      41. Only You Album Halcyon Days

      42. Lights (MK Charlee Dub) Album Lights The Remixes

      43. Starry Eyed Album Lights

      44. Wish I Stayed Album Bright Lights

      45. Lights Album Halcyon Days

      46. Hearts Without Chains Album Halcyon Days

      47. Atlantis Album Halcyon

      48. Lights Album Lights

      49. Lights (Max Gordon Remix) Album Lights The Remixes

      50. My Blood Album Halcyon Days

      51. Guns and Horses Album Bright Lights

      52. Dead In the Water Album Halcyon Days

      53. Every Time You Go Album Lights

      54. Midas Touch Album Halcyon Days

      55. Joy Album Halcyon

      56. Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix Album Starry Eyed The Remixes

      57. Your Song Album Lights

      58. Without Your Love Album Halcyon Days

      59. Your Biggest Mistake Album Lights

      60. Hanging On Album Halcyon

      61. Explosions Album Halcyon Days

      62. Starry Eyed Album Starry Eyed

      63. You My Everything Album Halcyon Days

      64. Every Time You Go Album Bright Lights

      65. Lights (RAC Mix) Album Lights The Remixes

      66. I Know You Care Album Halcyon Days

      67. Animal Album Lights

      68. Human Album Bright Lights

      69. Under the Sheets Album Under The Sheets

      70. Lights Album Bright Lights

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