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      I Have Always Loved You

      I Have Always Loved You

      Enrique Iglesias

      Album: Enrique

      Enrique Iglesias - I Have Always Loved You Música y Letra, MP3 GRATIS

      Since the beginning of time
      Since it started to rain
      Since i heard your laugh
      Since i felt you pain
      I was too young, you were much younger
      We were afraid of each other's hunger
      Chorus 1:
      I have always loved you
      There has never been anyone else
      I knew you before i knew myself
      Oh my baby, i have always loved you
      Since we kissed the first time
      Since we slept on the beach
      You were too close for comfort
      You were too far out of reach
      You walked away, i should have held you
      Would you have stayed for me to tell you?
      Chorus 1
      Chorus 2:
      Years go by in a matter of days
      And though we go seperate ways
      I never stop dreaming of you
      I have always loved you
      And when you call it makes me cry
      We never made time for you and i
      If i could live it all again
      I'd never let it end, i'd still be with you
      Oh god, i miss you
      Chorus 1
      Chorus 2



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